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by Akimi Yoshida
total 19 collections(including "ANGEL EYES" "GARDEN OF LIGHT")

PRIVATE OPINION(outside story)
by Akimi Yoshida
publisher: Shogakukan
750 yen

(hunko edition)BANANA FISH (totally 11collections)
(outside story) BANANA FISH ANOTHER STORY (1 collection) (including 4 outside stories)
by Akimi Yoshida
publisher: Shogakukan
590 yen

ANGEL EYESANGEL EYES(illustration book)
by Akimi Yoshida
publisher: Shogakukan
2200 yen

CD KTCR-1119
2500 yen
(new jacket, including 2 new songs.)



ash(arranged by SALLY)

RiverPhoenix by
Yoshida ASH LYNX:leading character, nickname Lynx, leader of the gangster, a very good looking and smart guy, Dino's first enemy. It's reported that Yoshida used the image of RIVER PHOENIX,(MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO)to be the model of Ash.


@@Eiji Okumura:Japanese, Ibe's assistance, a friend Ash considered
most important. His relationship with Ash is, as Sin said, "a delicate emotion
like love....they put each other in the deep of their souls...."
@@Shunichi Ibe:photographer, came to NY with Eiji for insperations.
@@Akatsuki:Ibe's nieceAkatsuki

@@Sin:New leader of China Town, stayed close but isn't belonged to Yousiss.
assisted Ash.
@@Lao(??):Sin's brother who killed Ash eventually.
@@Shorter:former leader of China Town, Ash's friend. Ash killed him when he was
injected bf and got insane.
@@Madia(?):Shorter's sister.

Ash@@ Max:reporter, a friend of Ash's brother gref in Vietnam.
@@ @@@@ Assisted Ash.
@@JessicaMax's ex-wife.
@@Micheal:Max's son.
@@ Gref:Ash's brother with different mother. A victim of bf.
@@Charlie:Max's friend, a police officer.
@@ Jekins:police officer, chief of the department.
@@Jim:Ash's father
@@ Jeniffer(?):Ash's step mother

@@ Ash's followers:they took Ash as their leader
@@Strip(?):Ash's little attendant
@@ Cain:leader of Harlem, black devil is his another reputation. Assisted Ash

@@Lee Yueln:Yousiss, the one who owned the real power of Lee family, had hatred
@@ @@@@for the family. He insisted to kill Eiji because he got unreasonable anger when he
@@ found Ash protected Eiji with all his best.
Wangln:ex-leader of Lee family, Yousiss's step brother.
@@Hualn:Yousiss's step brother

@@Dino:leader of underworld society, He hired Blanca to teach Ash, wanted to make
Ash become his successor.
@@Arthur:Ash's first enemy, Dino's follower.
@@ Marvin(?):Dino's follower
@@Fox:the mercenary Dino hired, but he betrayed Dino eventually.
@@ Dawsonproducer of bf
@@Albera(??):Dawson's brother
@@ Manahamin charge of National public health and mental hospital

@@Blanca:a professional killer, hired by Dino to teach Ash all the skills of fighting
@@ @@ and killing, used to be a special agent for KGB, also ever hired by Yousiss. Asisited
Ash afterwards.




Banana fish is a drug that Dr. Dawson invented in the 70's.
eiji Once a person takes it, he can be easily controled and
max  & ibe will have suicidal tendencies.

After Ash , the leader of the gangster, knew about the
fact that his brother and his friend Shorter were both slayed
by this drug, he dicided to investigate about bf with his brother's
friend, Max, also a reporter.

Yousiss and Dino, the leaders of Chinese gangster and italian gangster
yousiss decided to cooperate each other to against Ash. This made Ash enemies
After countless failures, Dino hired a professional killer,Blanca,
dino who ever tought Ash how to fight and kill by Dino's request, to subdue
Ash and they finally made it. By the help of Eiji, Sin, Cain, andother
friends and followers, Ash could escape fortunately.

But Dino, who took Ash as his successor, didn't give up and hired another
mercenary, Fox, and his army to fight Ash in the underground sewers. Max
also was caught and became a hostage.
During the rescue, Eiji was injured and Dino was killed when he wantedto
save Ash from Fox who had betrayed Dino. When everything seemed close to the
end, Eiji had to get back to Japan! Ash decided not to see Eiji because he
didn't want Eiji to be involved in Ash's danger situation. After reading
Eiji's letter for him, Ash felt desperate to see Eiji at least for the last
time. But on his way to the airport, Ash was killed by Sin's brother....


Akimi Yoshida's Profile and comic work List

(data asissted by HAYATO)

birthday:August 12, Leo, birthplace:Tokyo, debut:"Weird Tenant"(cho-to fujiki na geshukujin).
her work "kichigiohtenniyo" won the 29th award of Shogakugan. Now her works are all in Betsu Comi.